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SOLIDWORKS PDM Performance improvement
Has your SOLIDWORKS PDM slowed down? Improve PDM performance and improve team productivity

With passing time it will appear as if SOLIDWORKS PDM has slowed down. This can be a major cause of concern for PDM administrators. Bottlenecks that cause SOLIDWORKS PDM performance issues can be identified and fixed. In this post, we will briefly explain the causes of these bottlenecks.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Performace is based on below factors

Static relates to the time component of the analysis. So it means simply that an analysis that is static takes the assumption that your system doesn’t depend on time.

  • SQL Database performance
  • SQL and Archive server performances
  • Connectivity to SQL database
  • Applications installed on client

Effect of Microsoft SQL database performance

Performance of Micorsoft SQL database is one the major factors that affects performance of SOLIDWORKS PDM. SOLIDWORKS PDM stores all metadata inside database. Following factors affect SOLIDWORKS PDM performance

  • Server RAM size and amount of RAM available for SQL server
  • Server processor speed
  • Fragmentation of SQL Server Indexes
  • Harddisk performance

Network performance

Network performance also plays key role in determining SOLIDWORKS PDM performance. Even if peformance of SQL Server and archive server is good and connectivity to servers is not good then performance is going to get affected badly. Following things one need to keep in mind when considering network performance

  1. How is the connectivity of clients to servers?
  2. Is replication being used?
  3. How is the connectivity between replicated servers?
  4. Are there other applications that are consuming lot of network bandwidth?

SOLIDWORKS PDM API provide facility to extend functionality of SOLIDWORKS PDM through add-ins. Add-ins can affect SOLIDWORKS PDM startup, file creation\addition and other functionalities. One of the ways that add-ins work is by hooking to pre-action and post-action of SOLIDWORKS PDM. If there are a lot of add-ins then there will be a lot of hooks. This means functionality gets slowed. Other thing that matters is the logic written in add-ins. If add-ins are performing actions based on poor logic then that will affect SOLIDWORKS PDM badly

Fix the system issues to work faster.
Improve PDM performance and improve team productivity
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