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With passing time it will appear as if SOLIDWORKS PDM has slowed down. This can be a major cause of concern for PDM administrators. Bottlenecks that cause SOLIDWORKS PDM performance issues can be identified and fixed. In this post, we will briefly explain the causes of these bottlenecks.

Static analysis

Static relates to the time component of the analysis. So it means simply that an analysis that is static takes the assumption that your system doesn’t depend on time.

Non-Linear: Perform non-linear analysis using the hyperelastic, viscoelastic materials

We perform highly non-linear analysis when the structure subjected to non-linear effects as follows, 

  • Material non-linearity (i.e. hyper-elastic, viscoelastic material)
  • Geometrical nonlinearity (i.e. large deformation)
  • Contact non-linearity (Restriction in DOF)

Dynamic analysis: Perform the impact analysis to check the structure behavior

We perform dynamic analysis to check the structure behavior It is useful to consider vehicle impact speeds to describe the different physics involved and that we wish to simulate.

Frequency- Calculating the resonance frequency of the structure to avoid the structure collapse

Modal analysis (Frequency) helps to determine the modes of vibrations and the frequencies at which those modes are triggered. Calculating the resonance frequency of the structure to avoid the structure collapse.

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